“Meggie used to tell me how much she loved being a midwife. She loved bringing new souls into this world, more than anything else.”
The officer scribbles on a small sheet on an old wooden clipboard, whispering under his breath. His black hair, stuck to his skull by an overload of hairspray, refuses to tremble in the winter wind.
“Will that be all, Mister?
“Miss, you knew more about this woman than anyone from around here. You’ve told me everything I already know. Are you sure that’s all?”
“Sorry, wish I could tell you more.”
I hold her in my arms. She’s shivering. She looks sad. Robyn shuts the door. She rests her head on the wood. The man is gone. We come out from behind the sofa. Holding my breath made me dizzy. I stand up. Sparks fly around the room.
“What have you done, my child. What is this… thing.”
They both start to cry. I go to get the milk from the fridge, rocking the baby, my joints straining under its weight. “We need more milk, soon, Ma. She’s a ravenous little one.”

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