Decaying pieces of bone cascading around gelatin gums jut out at me, daggers sharpened to the tip from years of chewing tobacco or corrosion from doughnut-induced simple sugars. I stare into this scene of dental crime, watching cracked lips tightening and loosening around the abyss.

“You didn’t answer my question.”
My fingers tremble around the moist green stems leading to a bouquet of white roses.
“No, I’m not a student here.”
“You need to leave.”
“Can I just wait outside the gate?”
Eye contact was a big mistake. Shit. Bulbs of bloodshot slimy flesh, squeezed into their sockets. After a moment of optic violence, the brutish retinas break contact with my own, shifting to the left, aiming towards the flowers.
“Nope. You have to leave now.”
“Is there any way I can get these to her?”
“We don’t take deliveries. After school.”
How pathetic. I turn around and head for the fence, defeat creeping into my limbs, hatred for the beast boiling in my blood. I crank the hot metal handle and swing open the heavy gate. It jeers on its hinges. He watches me move. I don’t look back. Sweat creeps onto my brow, making my head itch in the heat. I walk alongside the concrete wall. This place could be a jail. I follow the unforgiving façade to another entrance; my last attempt at infiltration. A large sign hanging above two tinted-black glass doors reads “Go Cougars!”
I call the recipient, dialing her number with a blistering fury, irritated and distraught after the hour long drive, followed by my convergence with the monster.
Her surprise birthday gift has gone awry. Now, I just need to deliver the fucking roses.
“Where are you? They’re not letting me inside to find you!”
“How can I get these to you?”
Great. I said “these.”
I walk through the front door. The dark glass does not give away any clue at what’s waiting for me.
Surprise, yet another pair of fleshy bloodshot eye-chunks penetrating the depths of my cerebrum: the receptionist.
An impact from a hug surprises me. Finally. The girl I’ve been waiting for. We kiss, and I put the roses in her hand.
“Oh my god, they’re beautiful.”

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