winter’s prevailing. his skin is like leather, pulled across dreadful bones, straining to keep them together. his teeth, like charred wood, blackened by tobacco, die underneath a purple mesh of lip. his eyelids quiver, flapping underneath crusted snow. red vein sprouts from his temple, strangled, struggling to pump blood, churning, wretched, like an arctic bug’s […]

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Security Guard

Decaying pieces of bone cascading around gelatin gums jut out at me, daggers sharpened to the tip from years of chewing tobacco or corrosion from doughnut-induced simple sugars. I stare into this scene of dental crime, watching cracked lips tightening and loosening around the abyss. “You didn’t answer my question.” My fingers tremble around the […]

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The Beginning

“Meggie used to tell me how much she loved being a midwife. She loved bringing new souls into this world, more than anything else.” The officer scribbles on a small sheet on an old wooden clipboard, whispering under his breath. His black hair, stuck to his skull by an overload of hairspray, refuses to tremble […]

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